MT-PT60 : Robotic PAN/TILT Head

The ROBOTIC PAN/TILT HEAD and Controller from Salrayworks is a designed for hand-held cameras with specific anti-backlash allowance for all precision gear products and high-quality mechanical components. A rugged PAN/TILT head is one that’s designed specifically to operate reliably in a harsh indoor environment. That could be an environment that’s subject to lots of vibration, extreme temperatures or dust conditions.   The head can be mounted on a tripod or on a wall, ceiling, or surface. 

The MT-PT 60/60P head enable shooter to choose the most suitable camera and lens for their production.  You can remotely control the using LANC protocol (SONY, CANNON, JVC, Black-Magic Design) or Panasonic Protocol (Panasonic Camera) via RS 422. 

Key Feature

  • Remote PAN/TILT at 3 step (Slow, Mid, fast) PAN / TILT Speed
  • Support up-to 22 Ib ( 10Kg )
  • Max 4 Camera Controllable at one Controller.
  • PUSH, ZOOM, FOCUS, IRIS Controllable in MT-TX 80 Controller.
  • Complete SONY, CANNON /Broadcast hand-held Camera CCU (Iris, black level color balance, shutter speed, gain etc ) controllable in MT-TX 90 Controller.
  • Remote Control distance: Max 1.3 mile
  • Pan 0° to 350° and Tilt -45°to ±45°